Intellectual Property Disputes

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Intellectual property disputes encompass disagreements that arise over the ownership, use, protection, or infringement of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property includes various forms of intangible assets and creations of the mind, such as patents, trademarks and trade secrets. These disputes—which are often litigated in federal court— can involve individuals, businesses, or other entities seeking to assert their intellectual property rights or defend against allegations of intellectual property infringement. Some common types of intellectual property disputes include:

Trademark Disputes

Trademarks are names, symbols, or logos used to identify and distinguish goods or services in the marketplace. Trademark disputes typically involve issues related to trademark infringement, brand confusion, brand dilution, and unfair competition.

Trademark disputes can arise when someone uses a similar or identical mark, potentially causing consumer confusion.

Patent Disputes

Patents grant inventors exclusive rights to their inventions or designs for a period of time. Patent disputes often focus on issues such as patent validity, infringement, and damages.

Patent disputes can occur when a patent holder believes another party is manufacturing or selling a product that infringes on their patented invention or design.

Trade Secret Disputes

Trade secrets are generally valuable, confidential business information that provides a competitive advantage. Disputes may arise when trade secrets are misappropriated, disclosed, or improperly acquired.

Trade secret disputes can involve claims of employees taking company secrets to a new employer, or competitors stealing proprietary information.

Unfair Competition

These disputes involve allegations of unfair business practices that may deceive consumers, harm competitors, or violate consumer protection laws.

Disputes can center around deceptive marketing practices, false advertising, or unfair competition in the marketplace.

Licensing Disputes

These disputes pertain to disagreements between intellectual property owners and their licensees regarding the terms, scope, or royalties associated with licensing agreements.

Licensees may dispute the validity or interpretation of contract terms, while licensors may allege non-payment of royalties or unauthorized use.

Intellectual property law is complex and the outcome of these disputes can have significant financial and reputational implications for individuals, businesses and their intellectual property portfolios.

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